Takas Fate aka Yahsi

Yahsi never reached his full potential as he died in tragic circumstances just before he turned 2 years old.

However, he lives on in 3 sons and 4 daughters and his semen is frozen down and available to approved bitches.

One of his sons who has definitely inherited his height, Comarkaan Serkan, was mated to Aust Champion Takas Mindis Storm  in 2013 – for more information click here.

Yahsi reached a height of 34 inches at the shoulder (or 8.2 hands on the Pony measuring stick) and just under 75 kgs.

His outstanding size coupled with his calm and gentle nature made him a crowd puller wherever he went.  Another outstanding dog from Takas Kennels.

He is sadly missed.

Yahsi, approximately 12 months old.

Yahsi, approximately 12 months old.