Unfortunately, as a result of recent changes in legislation enacted by the Qld Labour Government in May 2017, ostensibly to legislate against “Cruel Puppy Farms” but in reality will only affect legitimate registered breeders of purebred dogs, I have, with much regret, decided to put any further breeding plans on hold for the indefinite future.

If you wish to obtain dogs from my lines the following new registered breeders will be breeding this year.

In NSW, concentrating on sound working dog lines:


In Victoria, concentrating on working dog/family dog lines:



The information below relates to my terms and conditions, should the situation in Queensland change or should I relocate to another State.


Owning an Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a long term project as they usually live into their teens and do NOT rehome easily.   If you are interested in possibly having one of my puppies, please contact me in plenty of time and take the time to come and see myself and my dogs in the flesh.   My litters are generally pre sold before they are born and I prefer to have met everyone beforehand, face to face, and to know that the future owners have seen my dogs and have given long and careful consideration to owning one.

All puppies are sold with:

  • ANKC Limited Registration Pedigrees
  • Vaccinated for Distemper, Canine Hepatitis and Parvo Virus (not Kennel Cough)
  • Microchipped
  • Health Checked
  • 6 Weeks complimentary Breeders Insurance (if they are remaining in Australia)
  • Puppy information pack
  • Lifetime contact and backup from me!

Please be aware that I no longer sell puppies for the purpose of breeding.   My pups are all now sold on Limited Registry.  Please make sure you read up on this here as I’ll require you to sign the form of understanding before you go on my waiting list.

However, I am very happy to assist people to become first time Anatolian owners and provide backup and support as required so that more people can enjoy this wonderful and unusual breed of dog.

As a member of the Master Dog Breeders Association , the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW,  Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of VictoriaDogsQld and an associate member of DogsNSW, I abide by these organisations’ Code of Ethics for breeders.

Puppies can be air freighted (owner’s expense) throughout Australia at very reasonable costs.  I do give preference though to people who are within a day’s drive of me or who have taken the trouble to come and meet the parents in the flesh.

Australia is a disease free island and as such, it is also possible to export puppies at 3 months of age to most countries with minimal fuss.  However, I will only very rarely consider exporting under certain conditions.