Aust Champ Cappadocia Jon D’Arc aka Luchs

Luchs is a compact, very sound bitch who attained her Championship before she was 2 years old. She is hip scored and has produced three healthy litters in her life.

She is approximately 28 inches at the shoulder and 48 kilos.

She successfully completed Obedience Training with the local club, gets on well with people and children and is unfazed by crowds or any sort of travel.

She has whelped 3 litters in her life and produced two Australian Champions.  She has passed on her athletic ability and general soundness to all her puppies.

Luchs was euthanised at 12½ years of age due to complications from uterine cancer.

Aust Champ Cappadocia Jon D'Arc

Aust Champ Cappadocia Jon D’Arc