Aust Champ Takas Mindis Storm aka Mindi

Mindi is 29½ inches tall at the shoulder and weighs an impressive 65 kgs.

She is an unusually heavy boned and heavy bodied bitch but does not lack at all in athletic ability and completes 20 km trails with us on a regular basis.

She is an extremely powerful, muscular bitch who spends most of her time watching me and worrying!  Women worry don’t they?

I have learned that when Mindi gives her worried bark up at the farm, I need to go and see what’s wrong.  She’s alerted me to loose horses, lame horses, horses stuck in fences, horses stuck in dams and  just plain naughty horses – and she doesn’t even like horses!

When I’m working so she can’t worry about me, she watches her chickens and doesn’t allow the big chooks to beat up the bantams.  Peace must reign.

She’s my camping and travelling buddy and I can’t imagine life without her.


Following the success of the 2016 litter, I am hoping to repeat  the same mating litter for some time in 2018.  I have no breeding plans for 2017 due to work commitments.

Aust Champ Takas Mindis Storm

Aust Champ Takas Mindis Storm