A few words from some puppy buyers over the years:

After much research about the Anatolian Shepherd, it’s superior guarding qualities my family and I set out on a journey to find the best possible breeders in Australia. We were surprised to find that there was a breeder on the Gold Coast. After phoning Caroline, and discussing our intention to purchase a ASD puppy we were invited to her home to view her dogs.

Our family were very excited about seeing her dogs and talking to Caroline for the first time. We were introduced to her breeding pair Yahsi and Luchs. We were overwhelmed with their size and just how magnificent these dogs were and knew that we definitely wanted a puppy. We by no means were even close to being on the list and over the next few visits Caroline quizzed me and my family about what type of dogs we have had in the past, our thoughts about other breeds and why we wanted a pup. It became clear to us that Caroline had the upmost respect for the breed and was a true guardian of the breed here in Australia as reflected in her dogs and concern about where the pups would go and how they will be cared for.

After many visits and discussions about the breed and emails back and forth we were excited to be informed that we have made the list to receive a puppy. This decision by Caroline did not come easy as she had told us that having an ASD was a lifetime commitment.

What we did love about Caroline is that she had so much knowledge about the ASD, that she was in contact with other breeders overseas,  her loyalty and devotion to the ASD and also knowledge about any health concerns that thus breed may have.

When the pups did arrived in June 2009 we received emails and ongoing updates about the puppies. The care that was shown to Luchs, Yahsi and puppies was the equivalent to  a 5 Star Luxury Hotel with all the bells and whistles.

When we were able to take our puppy home “Spot” we named him Serkan, he came vet checked, wormed, immunisations done, insurance and a very comprehensive Dog Folder with Birth Certificate, Dog Insurance papers, booklet about ASD, immunisation booklet and how to register your puppy.

I highly recommend that if you are intending on purchasing one of these magnificent ASD puppies that you do not hesitate to contact Caroline. You will not be disappointed. It was the best decision that we have ever made.

Leah P. , Queensland


Australia has only a few breeders of Anatolians. I found Caroline on the web, and was immediately impressed with her knowledge, and desire to help me get the right dog. An Anatolian needs a good home for many different reasons – and it was a pleasure to both be trusted and trust Caroline with getting a beautiful puppy female dog.

 As I live next to Canberra – travelling to see her and mum wasn’t possible with my work commitments – I was sent many photos and my girl was chosen!

 When I picked her up at the Canberra airport – alongside everyone else collecting their dogs – I was repeatedly asked – what sort is your dog – she’s so big and cute!! And she was – two people had Labradors, and my pup at 8 weeks noticeably bigger!!

 Her name is not great – Guppy – but she is a wonderful guardian. She’s soft with the family – and firm with strangers. She remembers every car entering my property, lives with chickens, Chihuahuas, goats and sheep – if your part of the family – your safe… It’s best not to trespass on my property!

 And 8 years later – Caroline has still been there – I lost post hip scores and papers – and Caroline sent me copies immediately!!

 I couldn’t recommend anyone easier, caring and professional to deal with. I know she cares for the breed – and that’s a breeders job, and it really shows.

 Thank you so much for bringing Guppy to my family!! She’s a beautiful companion – and guardian of my property, my business and fellow animals!

 Andrew H, ACT


From tour first meeting with Caroline my partner and I both felt that she was a responsible and trustworthy breeder that had a true love for the Anatolian Shepherd/Kangal breed. This first impression was only strengthened with every dealing we had with Caroline during the time between first meeting Takas Mindi Storm (the mother of our pup), determining which pup was right for our family and situation, and our little boys arrival, after almost 1,500kms of travel.

 Our first meeting with Caroline was my first introduction to the breed in the flesh. I had done some research about the breed, as my partner had previously encountered the breed overseas and was determined that they were the dogs for him, but there is nothing like actually seeing one. They are truly magnificent and I definitely recommended going to meet some if you are interested in the breed (if you don’t live near the Gold Coast Caroline will be able to advise you of the closest dog to your area as she knows almost every Anatolian in Australia).

Caroline is what every breeder should be she truly cares for every Anatolian Shepherd Dog in Australia. She is involved with the rescue of these dogs, when they do end up in the wrong hands. She is knowledgeable and experienced having been immersed in a love for the breed for over 15 years. But most importantly she is not breeding to make a quick buck, she will want to determine that you understand the needs of this breed, she will want to understand your situation so that she can determine which puppy is best for you (or I’m pretty sure in her eyes if you are the best people for a particular puppy), and she will want to keep in touch for the rest of your pups life (seriously take lots of pictures and don’t forget to email them or else :P).

To say that Caroline has been incredibly helpful and friendly every step of the way doesn’t even cover it. From the cakes and tea/coffee at each visit, to the assistance with finding the safest means of transportation for our boy, the fantastic care package we received (with lots of hints, tips and advice about raising the breed) and the ongoing friendship. Caroline is such a pleasure to deal with.

Kat & Saille, Vic (previously Qld)


We have been dog owners for many years, having had various breeds along the way. Following the departure of our late lovely dogs, we started exploring new breeds to better suit our lifestyle and needs. In our travelling to find our dream dog, we came across Comarkaan Kennels, Caroline and her lovely Mindi. Caroline was exceptionally helpful, receptive to our questions, very patient and generous with her time and knowledge. Not at any point in time did we feel pressured or a disinterest in our discussions with Caroline, who has become a dear friend to us. Caroline’s deep and genuine interest in the canine world, and prospective dog owners, is natural and balanced. We commend Caroline on her endeavours and wish her and Comarkaan Kennels all the best.

Ali Family, Perth


I am so delighted to recommend Caroline as an ASD breeder.  She is warm, friendly and highly professional and has a complete understanding of the breed.  I have a female ASD called Maisy (one of Luch’s Daughters), she is now approaching 7yrs old.  She has the most beautiful temperament and is exceptionally intelligent like her mum.  The ASD breed is definitely for an experienced dog owner as they require calm and positive leadership.  Caroline is a number one breeder in my opinion… always there to help with advice, she keeps in touch all the way through the puppy’s life, she is just outstanding.  Thanks for everything Caroline, especially for giving me Maisy my gorgeous girl :). 

 Adele S, WA


My first encounter with an Anatolian Shepherd Dog was when I was 14 years old, on the Gold Coast of Australia. I am so fortunate to have met Caroline, a fellow animal enthusiast, who introduced me to, not only a remarkable breed of dog, but also (in my opinion) the most balanced, healthy, loved pups in Australia.

As a slightly built young girl of 16 (by the time Caroline had decided to breed again), deciding that I wanted an ASD puppy from Caroline and it actually happening were two very different things! Caroline was very hesitant about my ability to raise an ASD properly. But after showing her my extensive ongoing research, support from my whole family, hours spent chatting about the breed and all that comes with a Comarkaan bred puppy, I was finally accepted and took home my first Anatolian Shepherd puppy at 14 weeks old (I’d had the most special and privileged experience of holding my puppy at 4 hrs old, watching him grow and learn from the very beginning). As such, I have a unique perspective on Caroline’s dedication to this magnificent breed, as I was fortunate enough to be a very close friend – pretty much moving in at puppy time!!

After seeing how much care, love and devotion go towards the puppies at every stage of life (selecting appropriate mate, both parents being in excellent health before, during and after pregnancy, impeccable cleanliness of whelping box and whelping area – just to mention a few). To witness first hand, over and over how rigorously families and potential pup owners were quizzed and questioned (and a lot of the time not selected). To personally experience the support, advice and guidance Caroline gives to each new family – I can guarantee that being selected as a life partner for one of these magnificent dogs, bred and raised by Caroline is the best possible choice.

I still have my Anatolian Shepherd Dog, Diego. He is now almost 8 years old and has been a guardian of me, my horses, chickens, cows, goats and a foster brother to 5 dogs now. He is brave, calm, independent, stubborn, so intelligent that he still surprises me with what new tricks he can learn!, eventually obedient and is always happy. He has been my best mate and protector for 8 years and I can’t imagine life without him. He is perfect and I tell him every day. I am still slightly built and my dog weighs almost 10kgs more than me, I am forever grateful to Caroline for raising this dog so perfectly and for ensuring that I understand what is needed to keep an ASD happy.

Emily S., Townsville (formerly Gold Coast)

We were privileged to meet Caroline 7 years ago after we had just lost our beloved German shepherd to cancer. Caroline was a Godsend and her dogs were magnificent. We could tell she loved her dogs and that they were well taken care of. We instantly fell in love with her dogs and knew these were the dogs for us. But Caroline wouldn’t just let anyone take the puppies’ home. We had to be suited to each other and the final decision was up to her.

From day one, as soon as the puppies were born we received photos, updates to how they were going and invitations to see the puppies and spend time with them whenever we wanted. Questions were answered as she always made herself available about any concerns we had even after we took our puppy home.

I highly recommend Caroline, not just as a breeder but an also wonderful caring person. She has always put me at ease whenever I got anxious about a situation. She always checked afterwards, making sure we were ok and we were happy with the outcome. I respect her and trust her knowledge every step of the way and we consider her an important part of our dog’s life and our lives.

Our dog Bazhil was magnificent. We loved him and considered him one of the family from day one. He went everywhere with us and slept inside with us for a little while but not once did he ever do his business inside the house. He was very protective on walks but was such a pleasure to have around. I knew I was always safe whenever I was with him. He was fantastic with our children and I was never afraid of leaving them alone with him, even though he was so big.

No one will ever regret buying an Anatolian. They truly are a friend for life. Our dog was loved by so many people over the last 7 years, including neighbours, friends, and family. You can’t help yourself but love them. You will have years full of joy, love, and laughter.

I thank Caroline every day for allowing us the privilege of becoming the owners and friends to our beloved Bazhil.

Ben & Kylie R., Qld