My involvement in the world of purebred dogs and dog showing began back in 1979 with the acquisition of a beautiful Rough Coated Collie.

However, my love affair with the breed formally registered in Australia as the “Anatolian Shepherd Dog” began on a backpacking trip to Turkey in 1990, 27 years ago.

In the ensuing years, I have immersed myself in the breed, its history in Australia, the UK, Europe and the USA, travelling to many parts of Australia and Europe to meet, photograph and document different dogs and bloodlines.

I have been very fortunate during this time to have been able to work in conjunction with or have been helped by other breeders and fanciers of similar mind and goals to my own.  And this is still the case.

The main purpose of my dogs is to be my personal companions and guardians.  However, I have been fortunate enough to own dogs, all sufficiently outstanding, to add to the reputation of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in Australia in one way or another.

I try to always make myself available to help other Anatolian owners in any way I possibly can – with health issues, training or temperament issues, rehoming, etc.

I do occasionally breed a litter but this is only when I feel that the planned mating is sufficiently outstanding so as to offer something worthwhile to promoting and improving the breed in general.

Please be aware that I do not sell breeding stock.  My rationale is here.

That being said I’m more than happy to help people become first time owners of Anatolians and guide them to the best of my ability.

My biggest projects to date have been the recent importation of my new stud dog, Mert Birinci Panter Kangal (Imp Poland) aka Max followed closely by importing Vadi Hugo Night Prowler (Imp NZ) aka Hugo.   Max and Hugo’s offspring are now in working and family homes around Australia.   I’m hoping for some more Hugo babies later in 2017.   Click here for details.

Another project that though not as emotionally fraught as the import of Max but almost as expensive(!) was done in partnership with Tribocie Kennels, was the importation of  imported frozen semen from two magnificent dogs in Poland.  We hope to use these new genetics to build on the work recently done by earlier breeders with their importations.